Get the edit you need

Word doc or PDF? Print or digital? Did you know that different file formats, and different types of publications, have unique editing requirements? At edits approved, we use editorial best practices and up-to-date tools to ensure that your file gets the edit it deserves.

edits approved offers stylistic editing, copy editing and proofreading services, as outlined by the Editors’ Association of Canada. Additionally, we offer desktop publishing services for a wide variety of materials.

Please note that the accompanying table is a general guideline. We are happy to assess your working file and will discuss editorial needs and recommendations on a case-by-case basis before work begins.

Stylistic editing

  • clarifying meaning
  • eliminating jargon and trimming wordiness
  • creating flow and smoothing language
  • may include checking or correcting reading level
  • plain language editing

Copy editing

  • editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style
  • checking for consistency of mechanics and internal consistency of facts
  • marking heading levels and approximate placement of art
  • notifying designer of any unusual production requirements


  • checking typeset proofs against original manuscript to ensure copy capture
  • checking accuracy of page elements, including running heads and folios, chapter/section numbers and headings
  • checking page breaks and location of art
  • checking page numbers in table of contents and cross-references (or inserting them, if necessary)
  • flagging grievous errors in spelling or grammar; can include checking for adherence to style sheet if specified
  • checking page corrections against mark-up, if applicable

Desktop publishing

  • design and file formatting for print or electronic distribution, including PDF, EPUB, slide shows, e-newsletters, websites and blogs