Who is Edits Approved?

I’m Carmen Siu, a Toronto freelance editor (and proud Certified Proofreader) with a passion for quality and a knack for delivering on time and on budget.

I believe that superior editing is completely invisible. A smooth read makes your message clear.

There are lots of automated spelling and grammar checking tools out there. So why hire a human editor?

I’m here to help

When you work with a real editor, you’re gaining an ally. Editors use their best judgment to strike that balance: helping you say what you want to say and making it clear, correct, and compelling for your readers. I put my knowledge, and my curiosity, into everything I edit.

I’m a Certified Proofreader

I’m proud to have earned my Certified Proofreader designation in 2015. Certification from Editors Canada is the gold standard of editing — it identifies editors who are masters of their craft.

I’m a member of Editors Canada

I am a member of Editors Canada, and I volunteer there on a regular basis. I have editorial training from Ryerson University and Editors Canada, and I am a graduate of Western University.

Toronto freelance editor Carmen Siu is a member of Editors Canada.